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Empower your employees to flourish with evidence based psychology. Employee wellbeing doesn’t need to be expensive. Marginal investment can produce effective results. In times of remote working and hybrid teams, having a proactive and preventative approach to wellbeing can be fundamental to the overall health of an individual and organisation.  An individual or team having high levels of wellbeing links to important organisational outcomes, such as increased productivity and higher employee retention.

Using the latest research, I take a strategic, positive approach to performance & well-being culture.


I love designing unique training and keynotes for your business but here are a few examples to get the conversation started…


An introduction to Positive Psychology, what is and what it means for people and teams. I will explain the PERMA model for well-being


and particularly focusing on the key theories that relate to well-being, performance and personal/team development.


Good character is something everyone looks for in other people, whether they are employees, students, or friends. Sometimes


called character strengths, these are the good qualities that people possess—a collection of positive traits that show people’s strengths—rather than a compilation of their faults and issues. In this session you will learn about self-identify, strengths, and weaknesses and learn techniques for maximizing and managing these. This expansion of self-awareness will equip us to grow into our best self inside and outside of work. It also gives people the opportunity to develop skills around strength spotting and giving strengths-based feedback so they can motivate others effectively.


Stress is a normal part of life. And although it doesn’t always feel great, it’s not all bad! In this session, we will explore how to make anxiety


and stress your friend and how to acknowledge in an optimistic way the pressure and stress you face by tapping into the latest mindset research.


Emotions play a crucial role in how we think and behave. The emotions we feel each day can compel us to take action and influence


the decisions we make about our lives, both large and small. We will explore the roles of emotions and you will learn about what is Broaden and Build theory and how it helps to explain how we can move away from a survival mode way of responding to situations into a more expansive and thoughtful approach to life.


We all can attest to the power of kindness, but what is it that makes it so impactful? You will explore the science of gratitude and kindness.


We will discuss how compassion can influence your well-being, why it matters to business, and how it can help you in times of stress and uncertainty.


We will explore together the concept of mental toughness and ways in which we can become more resilient ourselves. The session


will help people to establish how best they can support themselves during these incredibly tough times using the SCARFE™ framework: An Emotional and Cognitive based model for flourishing and mental toughness. It helps identify themes and strategies to navigate obstacles, uncertainties, and challenges without the expense of mental health and helps define future learning opportunities, guiding people and organizational strategy moving forward.


Explores the Positive Psychology concept of Psychological Capital (PsyCap). Psychological capital (PsyCap) refers to a person’s positive


psychological state of development and consists of four personal qualities: self-efficacy, optimism, hope, and resiliency (Luthans et al., 2007b). Research shows that individuals high on PsyCap experience higher levels of well-being as well as higher performance at work. In this session we explore this concept and the research behind it, as well as practice steps we can all take to build our levels of PsyCap.


When employees feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally, or challenging the status quo without fear of


negative social consequences, organizations are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity, and adapt well to change. You will explore the science behind psychological safety and how to transform your team’s capacity to execute and innovate based inclusion, learning agility, and high psychological safety.


Gilda is an excellent public speaker who is not only knowledgeable and an expert in the field, but also very organized, respectful, and very pleasant to work with. I have enjoyed listening to her speak at our conferences but also enjoyed getting to know her personally during our GESS Leaders in Education Summit in Nigeria.

Anthony Mesmar

Events project manager, GESS

Professionally are you: stuck? Lost? And or confused? Do you need a safe pair of hands? A light on a dark path? A voice that helps you make sense of the non-sense? Then in my opinion you need to talk with Gilda!
DC comics might have Wonder Woman, here in the real world we are fortunate enough to have people like Gilda Scarfe. She easily solicits trust, she carefully and skillfully crafts an understanding of the issues, challenges and aspirations faced. And that’s just the start! I recommend Gilda above many because she sees it through to the end without reduction of impetus!
There are many out there who communicate beautifully, a few with some blend of hypnosis and charm I want to say. Gilda is vastly different; she is a powerhouse that stands on a bedrock of science and empirical data. And it is this, along with the situational data shared by her clients that fuels her tailor-made actions and recommendations. I don’t think she knows how to disappoint; her integrity and resilience holds her refreshingly resolute. I partner with her Gilda on some ongoing projects because I completely trust her! She is a very safe pair of hands, that I have absolutely no desire to let go of. She’d probably prefer me not to say this (mainly because she doesn’t seek limelight), but I would say any organization or education establishment in need of transformation consultation; would be naive to not reach out and talk with Gilda in the first instance.

Carl Williams

CEO, Carl William Talent Management